Raw Scottish Oats (5KG)

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Our Raw Scottish Oats are a Vegan-friendly, wholesome and natural source of high quality carbohydrates. Perfect for porridge, they can also be added to smoothies and pancakes to achieve the desired nutritional balance.

Perfect for making a wholesome breakfast when you do not have the time to scratch-cook a nutritious meal. Our Raw Scottish Oats are made from the finest quality raw ingredients and supplied in powder form for your convenience.

When you sleep, your body regenerates and fasts. Your body requires a nutritious meal in the morning to help prevent muscle catabolism. When fasting, your body slows down its metabolic rate and tries to conserve the stores that it has.

Our Raw Scottish Oats are designed to set you and your body on the correct nutritional path for the day (and workouts) ahead.

Serving size: 1 scoop (30g)
Servings per container: approx. 133 servings
How to use: Add 30g of Raw Scottish Oats powder to 200ml to 250ml of water or milk, shake well and consume immediately
Ingredients: Oats, flour